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Night Co-Ordinator Position VACANT - NIGHT COMP PLAYERS
We desperately need one or two of you to put your hands up to take over the role of Night Comp Co-ordinator. It would be great to have someone from Monday and Tuesday Nights share the role.
The role is not overly time consuming but the rest of the Committee have enough to do without taking on extra. There are two busy times - the two times of year the teams have to be submitted to WPNTA. Besides those times we ask you to make sure there are enough score sheets and envelopes availabe for the Night Teams and be available for any new inquiries.
Please see one of the Committee at the Club or email somervilletennisclub@gmail.com


The Somerville Tennis Club's vision is to grow as a community/family oriented Club that promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides opportunities for everyone to participate regardless of age or ability. The Club currently has 6 tennis courts, 4 of which are floodlit. The tennis courts run side-by-side down Park Lane, Somerville 3912.

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