Junior Competition

General Information for New Players
Competition is played on Saturday mornings.
There is no competition on long weekends or during the school holidays.

You are expected to be at your venue 15 minutes prior to your starting time to fill in the scorebook and warm up. Starting times vary in different sections and can be 8:15am or 10:30am.

You must be a Somerville Tennis Club member to play competition. The approximate annual cost of membership can be found here. This covers the cost of tennis balls, insurance and Tennis Victoria registration. The Club cannot allow uninsured or unregistered players to play. Membership is the only cost, there is no weekly payment.

There is no compulsory uniform, but players are encouraged to purchase and wear a club T-shirt as seen here. The correct attire is a polo shirt and sports shorts or skirt.

The competition run by the Peninsula Tennis Association and currently follows this format. In the week prior to the competition commencing there will be a Presentation and Information Night, where rosters will be given out and trophies presented to any teams who competed in a Grand Final.

If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected].