Junior Competition

General Information for New Players
Competition is played on Saturday mornings.
There is no competition on Melbourne Cup Weekend or during the school holidays.

You are expected to be at your venue 15 minutes prior to your starting time, ie by 8.00 am or 10.15 am to fill in the scorebook and warm up.

You will need to join the Somerville Tennis Club, the approximate annual cost of membership is $160 for a junior, or $350 for a family.

This covers the cost of tennis balls, insurance and Tennis Victoria registration. This membership is compulsory, as the Club cannot allow uninsured or unregistered players to play.
Membership is the only cost, there is no weekly payment.

You will be playing for Somerville Tennis Club, against teams from other clubs in the Peninsula Tennis Association. Half of your matches are "Home" matches, which are played at Somerville (with possibly a couple of matches at Frankston East, if we have more teams than we can accommodate at Somerville). "Away" matches are played at your opposition's club - the furthest away being Patterson Lakes, Cranbourne South, Mt Eliza.

There is no compulsory uniform, but players are encouraged to purchase and wear a club T-shirt ($35, available from the club at the information night). The correct attire is a polo shirt and sports shorts or skirt.

The competition is graded into Sections (currently 11 Boys sections and 5 Girls sections). These sections are based on ability, not age, with Section 1 being the best players.

Girls Sections 2 to 5, Boys Sections 2 to 11
Four players are required to play each match, but we try to have 5 players in each team. This allows some flexibility in the team, with each player rostered not to play once every few weeks.
Players play one doubles set and one singles set each week.

Sections 1A, 1B, Loretta Thrupp and Moss/Watson
Two players play each week, each player playing one doubles rubber and one singles rubber. A rubber consists of 2 sets, and a super tie-break if necessary.

In Winter 2014, Boys Sections 7 to 11 and Girls Section 4 and 5 played in the early session.
Boys Sections 2 to 6 and Girls Section 2 and 3 played in the late session.
It is anticipated that this will be similar in the upcoming Summer season.

Each week one family in the team is designated the "duty family". The job of the duty family is to ensure that the score book is filled in correctly and signed. In the case of away games, the duty family will collect the score book from the clubhouse and return it afterwards. They may also be required to drive other team members from Somerville Tennis Club to the venue (one or two games per season).

There are many experienced club members at Somerville who are willing to help new members with any questions they may have.

In the week prior to the competition commencing there will be a Presentation and Information Night, where rosters will be given out and trophies presented to any teams who competed in a Grand Final.

If you have any further questions, please contact Shae (Junior Co-ordinator) at [email protected].